Cycle Commute in 2016

Trafficlight and cyclistIt’s the time for those new year’s resolutions, why not add Cycling to work to your list for 2016. Cycling to work saves money, keeps you fit and ensures the only jam you see in the morning is on your toast. The Barnsley Cycle HUB offers free secure cycle parking and also offers workshop services to keep your bike running smoothly.

As well as being a great way to get through traffic jams quicker, cycling to work boosts fitness levels and helps weight loss. Nationally the average commute is around seven miles, a distance that’s easily achievable by cycling.

Breaking your commute down into smaller chunks is a great way to build up your distance. Using your bike for part of your journey and train or bus for the rest means you avoid the rush hour traffic.

Barnsley Cycle HUB is situated in the transport interchange and offers secure cycle parking alongside workshop services in order to keep your bike rolling. As the weather gets better and your fitness levels increase, why not set a date to aim for to ride your whole commute.

The Hub will also be offering maintenance classes, focusing on the key components needed to keep your bike safe and giving you the maintenance skills required to keep your bike on the road.

If you are interested in registering please email :